Our Investment Process

Investment Objective Review And Objective Setting

Whether you're looking for investment management in London or internationally, the key is to ensure that, from the outset, every client has a realistic idea as to what they can expect from TAM. Therefore, before signing up to our services you must ensure that you have established an accurate investment objective with your intermediary. This will form the cornerstone of how we manage your assets. However, we understand that as time goes on, your investment horizons may change and they will be affected by your personal circumstances. We recommend that, if your goals or circumstance change, you inform your financial adviser immediately and re-evaluate your portfolio to ensure it is balanced and in line with these changes. As each investor's objective and risk profile may change according to circumstances, we recommend that these are re-evaluated continually.

Investment Strategy Formulation

Once we have been informed of a client's investment objective, we will propose an investment strategy that we believe is aligned with those requirements and objectives. They form the basis of a strategy that will include both asset and security selection proposals.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is a medium to long-term process designed to capture more macro-economic determined events through investing in asset classes that we expect to appreciate and withdrawing from those we expect to decline. For example, investing in equities in 2007 would have been beneficial, as opposed to 2008 when an emphasis on bond investment would have proved a more successful strategy. Our investment team attempts to ensure that the asset allocation of the portfolio between the various asset classes is continually managed according to the changing economic cycles and financial markets. However, this process is always managed in accordance with the investment mandate and corresponding risk profile. During certain phases of the economic cycle, asset allocation is the most effective method of maintaining the performance of portfolios.

Fund And Security Selection

Across our active portfolio ranges we monitor a universe of over 7000 funds. After conducting structured and comprehensive research and due diligence, we then choose the right funds for each portfolio. For actively managed funds, further in-depth qualitative analysis is undertaken, and our team of analysts visit the managers we invest with, conducting 100s of manager interviews a year. All of this is to ensure the accurate selection of investments for your client’s portfolio. We invest with the best fund managers from the largest fund houses around the world, aiming to invest in the lowest cost institutional focused funds.

Performance Monitoring And Review

Each portfolio is individually benchmarked in accordance with risk profiling and is monitored and reviewed by our investment managers on an on-going basis. Each individual fund is also checked for any style shift within the strategy employed to ensure that the continued management is in line with our expectations. We also continually monitor for any deviation from performance expectation against peer group and within strategy to ensure, as far as possible, that the underlying managers do not take actions that may impinge upon their ability to generate on-going satisfactory returns. A more formal review is also regularly undertaken by our investment management team in London.