Our Multi-Asset Fund For Global Investors

TAM Global is our multi-asset fund solution for investors worldwide. Our 16-year global balanced strategy has been unitised into a single fund which now celebrates a 4-year track record.

Balanced ICAV

The balanced Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV) aims to provide a return on your investment (achieved via increasing the value of the assets held within the portfolio) over a medium term investment horizon (5 years or more). The fund’s investment structure is that of a “fund of funds” portfolio which seeks to provide investors with a diversified investment portfolio consisting of UCITS compliant funds or “collectives” from across the global investment universe. 

Collectives invested in within the fund can include unit trusts, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) whose managers aim to outperform their respective markets. Asset classes you could find in this portfolio are equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, multi-asset, alternatives and cash.

The fund's benchmark comprises of 50% exposure to the Bloomberg Developed Market Large & Mid Cap Total Return Index which the fund itself seeks to replicate as the appropriate level of risk exposure in normal market conditions. The fund retains the ability to move its weighting to risk assets according to market conditions to ensure its investors retain a flexible and diversified investment portfolio across all time periods.

Key Advantages

Award-winning 16-year global balanced strategy with a proven 4-year track record

Effective single solution for IFAs with inherited clients

Simplified fixed pricing with a 0.10% AMC - one of the lowest in the market

Daily traded and highly liquid with no entry fees or exit penalties

Available in GBP, EUR and USD and on platforms

Simple and straightforward to set up with 24/7 online access to instant valuations