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Our role in the Consumer Duty and supporting advisers

We have set up this hub to support advisers with their Consumer Duty journey. We hope it will help you better understand our role in the new framework, and to assist you with incorporating those elements into your own processes for the benefit of your business and your clients. We will continue to add to the resources available here, so please keep checking back for new information. 

What is the Consumer Duty?

The FCA's Consumer Duty is a significant regulatory change that aims to set higher and clearer standards of protection across financial services. It will ensure that good consumer outcomes are at the heart of firms’ strategies and business objectives and considered at every stage of the consumer journey. Please visit the FCA website here for their policy statement and final guidance on Consumer Duty. 

What are the four outcomes?

Products and services

Making sure products are designed to meet the target customers' needs, characteristics and objectives. 

Consumer understanding

Making sure firms provide clear information so customers can confidently make informed decisions about financial products and services.

Price and value

Making sure customers pay a fair price for a product or service in relation to the overall value and benefit they receive from it.

Consumer support

Making sure customers are provided with enough information and support to meet their needs throughout their relationship with a firm.


TAM's approach to the Consumer Duty outcomes


TAM’s assessments

We have undertaken price and value assessments across our service range, all of which can be accessed below and are a key step in enabling you to work out all aspects of the value chain.

TAM Fair Value Assessment

TAM Active Target Market Assessment

TAM Enhanced Passive Target Market Assessment

TAM Sustainable World Target Market Assessment

TAM Sharia Target Market Assessment


There are five key milestones to prepare for the new rules to take effect.






27 July 2022

31 October 2022

30 April 2023

31 July 2023

31 July 2024

Final rules and guidance published

Firms’ boards (or equivalent management body) should have agreed their implementation plans and be able to evidence they have scrutinised and challenged the plans to ensure they are deliverable and robust to meet the new standards

Manufacturers should have completed all the reviews necessary to meet the outcome rules for their existing open products and services so they can share with distributors to meet their obligations under the Duty, and identify where changes need to be made

Implementation deadline for new and existing products or services that are open to sale or renewal

Implementation deadline for closed products or services

Next steps

This is not a “one and done” exercise, we endeavour to monitor and develop our review of all requirements under the Consumer Duty regime and continue to seek ways to further improve the consumer experience. Co-operation and information sharing between firms across the distribution chain is a key area of focus for the FCA and a fundamental element in achieving the objectives of the Consumer Duty. We look forward to working together on this journey and sharing any relevant information to ensure we are working toward a shared goal of acting to deliver good consumer outcomes.

Here to help

Please get in touch with our UK Business Development Manager, David Terry, if you have any questions regarding our approach to the Consumer Duty and how we can support you.

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