Diversified Investment Management

Diversified portfolio management is essential for IFAs and their clients. At TAM, our seasoned, professional investment team is comprised of experts who understand how to diversify portfolios across asset classes, geographies, and underlying funds – spreading risk, minimising exposure, and responding proactively to evolving market conditions.

Our diversified investment strategy

By building our diversified investment management offering on the strengths of experienced, specialist teams, we provide a comprehensive service to IFAs and clients alike. This is reflected in our investment process.

We create a diversified investment strategy that keeps the IFA and client’s agreed objectives in mind – with scope to evolve as priorities, risk profiles, and investment horizons expand.  This wealth management strategy will serve as the basis for asset and security selection proposals.

Diversified asset allocation

TAM treats diversified asset allocation as a medium-long-term process, where investments are made in asset classes that are expected to appreciate - and withdrawn from those expected to depreciate. Each portfolio is finely calibrated to suit changing markets and economic cycles, in alignment with the IFA and client’s stated objectives.

The assets that comprise TAM’s risk-profiled, diversified portfolios can include OEICS, exchange-traded funds, structured products, alternative investments, fixed-income, commodities, and property.

Our portfolios – from defensive to adventurous

TAM Focus, TAM Sharia, TAM ESG, and TAM Passive portfolios range from defensive to adventurous.

Defensive portfolios focus on consistent, albeit modest returns with 15% equity and 85% non-equity exposure.

Cautious portfolios look to generate capital growth in excess of bond-based returns in the short-medium term and are weighted at 35% equity and 65% non-equity.

Balanced portfolios focus on medium-long term capital growth with 50% equity, 50% non-equity exposure – though managers can use their discretion to respond to changing marketing conditions.

Growth portfolios have a 70% equity and 30% non-equity composition. They have higher exposure but the potential for higher medium-long term capital growth.

Adventurous portfolios are our most dynamic offering and are comprised of 85% equity and 15% non-equity investments. They provide the highest potential returns, and the highest volatility.

In addition to these portfolios, two further options are available to TAM Premier clients:

Liquidity Plus portfolios provide the lowest risk and aim to generate a return slightly above cash – with low volatility and high liquidity.

Speculative portfolios consist of a wide range of diversified investment vehicles and look to generate aggressive capital growth – and high long and short-term volatility. They can potentially be comprised of 100% equity.  

Geographical exposure

Geographical exposure also varies according to each diversified portfolio: the UK, US, Eurozone, emerging markets, and Asia are all represented to different degrees. UK investments usually comprise at least 50% of allocated assets.

Diversified investment strategy options

TAM’s approach to asset management is designed to maximise value for IFAs and their clients. Our diversified portfolios can deliver returns that align with priorities and objectives at the agreed level of risk.


 To discuss your diversified investment management options just contact our specialists today.