Who We Are

Our beliefs

What we believe. We believe that every investor should have access to actively managed and diversified investment portfolios run by expert investment professionals, regardless of their level of wealth. This is why there is no minimum investment requirement for any of our services.

What we do not believe. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We have decades of experience in providing innovative and forward-thinking investment solutions to support advisers with the varied and complex needs of their clients. Our proposition comprises a range of investment styles across a multitude of risk and currency options, all with real track records and providing 100% daily liquidity.

A brief history

Our origins trace back to the 1930’s and the floor of the London Stock Exchange. From these early beginnings, TAM is now an award-winning institutional investment expert providing advisers and their clients with both onshore and offshore investment solutions.

In 2007 we launched our range of risk-graded Active (previously Premier) model portfolios, which were immediately tested during a market meltdown as we entered the sub-prime led ‘financial-crisis’. Our ethos from day one has been “to make money you mustn’t lose money” and place risk management and capital preservation at the core of all we do. These policies proved up to the task as our clients incurred only minor losses during that period of unprecedented equity market decline and were able to benefit fully from the bull market that ensued.

In 2013 we were one of the first DFMs to launch a range of thematic Sustainable World (previously ESG) and Sharia model portfolios catering to those with specific ethical or religious beliefs. Today, sustainability is a core component of the investment landscape and an essential requirement for a new generation of investors.

Where we are today

TAM continues to work exclusively with financial advisers, intermediaries and their clients, providing a range of discretionary and model portfolios invested globally across multiple asset classes and strategies. When working with TAM you're free to focus on business development and growth, rather than becoming tied up in daily portfolio management and administration. Through an environment of low-costs and proven operations procedures, our award-winning investment solutions can increase the efficiency and simplicity of your business.

Our personal approach, combined with our innovative online platform, ensures we are always responsive, and advisers have access to all the timely information and support they, or their clients, require. Our strong relationships with life companies, pension providers and trustees ensure that however an investment is structured, we can provide a solution for the underlying portfolio.

We deal with every new client as if they were our first and maintain the flexibility and level of attention frequently lacking from homogenous service providers. This adaptability has attracted many individuals and advisory groups to partner with us to provide bespoke or white-labeled model portfolios and centralised investment propositions for their clients.

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