TAM Managed Portfolio Service

How our managed portfolio service can help you

Partnering with TAM can lower your business risk and importantly help grow your business. By focusing on our core strengths, we can achieve more. The challenge of managing clients’ investments increases year-on-year. Whether it be dealing with market uncertainty, regulatory changes or increased client demands, advisers are often distracted from their core strengths of relationship building, structuring and holistic financial advice. Partnering with TAM to offer your clients access to an award-winning managed portfolio service can allow you to focus on those core strengths and build your business.


We have made our portfolios as accessible as possible. We can accept an investment directly, or a transfer from an ISA, pension, life insurance bond or trust. We have relationships with a growing list of major providers, saving you time by liaising directly with their offices.


As a discretionary investment manager, clients benefit from our ability to adjust the compositions of their investment portfolios in order to quickly react to key market conditions. This flexibility allows us, within a portfolio's parameters, to add protection or take advantage of a growing market. To illustrate, the chart shows the actions taken by our investment team to protect clients' wealth during the 2008 financial crash, actions similar to those carried out during the 2020 COVID-19 market fall.

Long-term track record

Our aim is simple, to maximise performance and outperform our benchmarks with minimal risk. We have a 14 year track record which demonstrates our depth of knowledge and understanding needed to quickly respond to ever-changing market conditions. For our complete portfolio performance visit our website library here.

Capital Preservation

Capital preservation is at the forefront of TAM's investment strategy. Our active portfolio management enables the investment team to reduce risk during difficult market periods, minimising losses for client portfolios and therefore resulting in potentially stronger recovery in financial markets in the years that follow. To illustrate, the chart shows the average performance of TAM's investment portfolios against their benchmark during the 2008 financial crash and 2020 COVID-19 market fall.

Average TAM Premier portfolio return from 1st January 2008 to 31st December 2008 and 1st January 2020 to 31st March 2020 net of TAM fees. Each benchmark is a composite of the broader UK equity market and the sovereign debt market. Past performance is not a guide for future returns.

24/7 account access

Our managed portfolio service provides clients with access to their online account at any time from any device. A helpful userguide to get the most out of our in-depth online platform can be downloaded here.

Instant valuations, customised reports and MiFID statements

We appreciate that the demands placed on advisers mean that you cannot wait for a valuation, or regular report on the investments, especially in a climate when your clients want more information immediately. This is why our online platform enables you to generate instant valuations and customised reports whenever you need them. Further, it provides instant access to your clients' quarterly and annual MiFID statements which can be viewed or downloaded at any time.

A white labelled managed portfolio service

We are proud to be an asset management company that offers a proven complete white labelling service to advisers. You can offer your clients a complete discretionary investment management service with all reports, correspondence and web-site access branded with your own corporate identity. This ensures that your clients remain your clients.

Asset Security and Liquidity

To us, the safety of clients' capital is paramount and supersedes the importance of the managing entity. To ensure this safety remains prevalent, we deposit all assets with our custodian - Pershing Securities Limited (Pershing), who currently have over 600,000 clients with assets of over $2 trillion. Pershing are part of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, one of the largest financial and custody institutions in the world, which provides an unparalleled level of protection and security as well as execution, clearing and settlement services.

At the core of our approach to investing is simplicity and liquidity. We have constructed a range of portfolios consisting of highly liquid funds in mainstream markets and do not use derivatives or structured products to increase the returns profile at the expense of liquidity. The time to return clients' money is reported every day and we do not impose any lock-in periods for clients withdrawing or moving their funds if their circumstances change, or they are not entirely satisfied.

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