Fees & Interest


We constantly strive to offer a high level of service to our clients, whilst consciously keeping costs as low as possible. All fees and charges are agreed at the outset with our clients and are clearly described and completely transparent. Fees are annually reviewed to ensure they remain competitive. Our latest fee structure is available below.


TAM UK Schedule of Fees


Interest for UK Clients

With effect from April 2023, residual cash held at Pershing for active investment purposes in GBP portfolios is accruing interest for client accounts. Interest is calculated for clients daily, and automatically paid to clients twice a year in April and October. Interest received by TAM on these accounts amounts to 1% p.a. but cash on account is low as these are investment accounts and TAM will make every effort to be as fully invested as market conditions warrant. This accrual to clients will vary as interest rates are amended and is outlined in the table below.

Payments to client accounts:

Interest Rate
from 07 Apr 2023
Interest Rate
from 12 May 2023
Interest Rate
from 26 Jun 2023
Interest Rate
from 11 Aug 2023
TAM GBP Portfolio
2.55% 2.95%

*Please note that interest is not paid on Pershing settlement accounts, EUR or USD portfolios or TAM Client Money Bank Accounts.