Model portfolio solutions for financial advisers

We do not give financial advice so it is essential that we work with experienced financial advisers and intermediaries to offer our services to clients. We do not believe in a one-size fits-all approach which is why over the years we have designed and developed a range of model portfolios for advisers to fulfill the varied needs of their clientele, including ESG and Sharia investments. All services come with a choice of risk-graded portfolios ranging from defensive lower-risk returns, through to a more balanced approach to investment returns, right through to adventurous higher-risk returns.

Dynamic Model Portfolios

13 year track record
7 risk profiles
0.3% AMC

ESG Model Portfolios

7 year track record
5 risk profiles
0.4% AMC

Sharia Model Portfolios

6 year track record
5 risk profiles 
0.5% AMC

Passive Model Portfolios

3 year track record
5 risk profiles
0.15% AMC