Beat the deadline and make the most of your clients' 2023/24 tax free ISA allowance

There are just two weeks until the end of the tax year and the opportunity to make the most of your clients' £20k tax free ISA allowances for 2023/24. So don't delay, beat the deadline and get their subscriptions in today.

If you have new clients looking to open an ISA or JISA then below is a reminder of the range of investment options we have available.

Core active investments
16 year track record
0.3% AMC
7 Defaqto risk-rated portfolio choices


Enhanced passive investments
6 year track record
0.15% AMC
5 risk-graded portfolio choices

Sustainability-focused investments
10 year track record
0.4% AMC
5 Defaqto risk-rated portfolio choices

Sharia-compliant investments
9 year track record
0.5% AMC
5 risk-graded portfolio choices

Opening an ISA with TAM is a simple and straightforward process:

  1. Request a pre-investment proposal via email using our proposal request form.
  2. Review the tailored proposal with your client.
  3. When they are ready to proceed, complete our DFM and ISAJISA application forms.
  4. Send us the completed application forms and funds for investment.

Please note that payments for existing ISA top ups and new ISA subscriptions must be made to the Pershing bank account no later than 16.00pm on Thursday 4th April.

A reminder of the Pershing bank account details are below.

Account Name:




Sort Code:


Account Number:


Payment Reference:

Your account number (i.e. TA000000 D)*

*Please note that the letter 'M' must be removed after 'TA', and the letter 'D' must be added after the account number.

If you would like to speak with us about your clients' 2023/24 ISA subscriptions, or to discuss our discretionary investment management services in general, please get in touch with David today.