Wealth management offers new charity fundraising techniques

Most charities rely on a similar mix of channels to raise funds, such as digital and social media, cold-calling and door-to-door fundraising. Sticking to this homogeneous approach makes it harder for charities to stand out in the crowd. This problem is compounded by a decreasing pool of potential donors in the UK. New charity fundraising techniques that bring together charities and retail investors present a sustainable and compelling solution for both parties.

Greenfinch and You Give We Give

TAM Asset Management’s patented You Give We Give (YGWG) scheme, makes it convenient for investors to make money – and give generously – at the same time. The initiative is available via Greenfinch (owned and operated by TAM), a non-advised platform that gives socially responsible investors access to a range of ethical and mainstream portfolios, through general investment accounts (GIAs) or individual savings accounts (ISAs).

YGWG is how you turn investors into donors. It works very simply: a donor can choose to donate up to 20 percent of their annual wealth management returns to your cause. TAM donates an equivalent percentage from its annual fee. This can boost the volume of donations you receive – and the amount of money you receive from each donor.

Investors have money to give – and most will welcome the chance to combine their social and charitable priorities with strategies that deliver long-term capital growth. Greenfinch gives them access to an investment platform that donates on their behalf; without costing them any extra pennies. This new charity fundraising technique acts not only in your best interest, but the donor’s, too.

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