TAM Under the Hood: Hassle free withdrawals

Whether your client wishes to make a one-off withdrawal from their investment portfolio, or they need to close their account completely, we have created a straightforward form enabling them to do this with ease and simplicity.

SImply download the form below, which you can also find in our website library, send it to your client who can complete and sign it online, and return it via email to our admin team at admin@tamassetmanagement.com for processing.

Download the TAM Withdrawal Form

Our admin team will then be in touch with you directly to inform you of the settlement date, and to let you know when the funds have been sent to your client.

The streamlined online process enables the swift and efficient management of your client’s request, and negates the need to print and post, which serves as an added bonus for the environment.

If you have any questions about account withdrawals or closures, or any other queries about your client's investment portfolio, please get in touch with our UK Business Development Manager today.