Introducing TAM Under the Hood!

TAM Under The Hood is our brand new miniseries of notes that will give you a little look at the nuts and bolts behind our operation, what makes us different and ultimately, what makes us the award-winning DFM that we are today.

We’ll be keeping these notes short and sweet, to give you just a small insight into the world of TAM and what makes us tick. So, if over the next few weeks you happen to catch one in your inbox and you’d like to know more, just pick up the phone to the dedicated account manager in your region who’d love to have a chat with you. If you don’t yet know who that is, there’s a little introduction to the team at the bottom of the page.

So, without further ado, let’s crack on with our very first Under The Hood!

TAM Fees: Our Holy Grail

You may already know that TAM is a leader in providing value for money for clients and that our fees are some of the most competitive in the industry, but what you may not know, is how exactly we manage to provide our award-winning service at such a low cost… well, here’s the secret.

We leverage a combination of our strong brand reputation and assets under management to uncover investment opportunities which remain closed to almost all of the UK DFM market. These opportunities come in the form of “founder” and “super institutional” classes of new and existing funds which other investors would pay much higher management fees to own.

This results in our ability to deliver high alpha, highly active investment portfolios with passive-like pricing at an average underlying fund charge of 0.45%. Here’s an example of our mainstream portfolio costs:


Our experienced investment managers have taken years to build these portfolios, and our clients benefit from instant access to investments which would otherwise be largely unavailable to them. So there you have it, the secret behind our competitive pricing structure!

If you would like to chat to us about our fees, or our discretionary investment management services in general, please get in touch with the account manager in your region today.

Your Regional Account Team


Joseph Terry
South of England and Northern Ireland
M: +44(0)7387 911 827
Joe’s favourite thing about TAM is…
‘Our adaptability. Feedback from financial advisers quickly affects change within the company’s strategy. We have a direct dialog with the CEO which enables more efficient decision-making on issues raised by our clients.'
If Joe was an animal, he would be…
‘A dog - because I love being around people. I’m at my happiest when I get to engage with groups and I enjoy supporting those around me.’

Freya Evans-Rakowski
Midlands and Wales
M: +44(0)7827 751 920 
Freya’s favourite thing about TAM is…
‘The family-like environment. Even the most senior members of staff are always happy to help.’
If Freya was a country, she would be…
‘Austria - because I am understated and efficient with a love for skiing and German cars.’

David Terry
North of England and Scotland
M: +44(0)7585 070 116
David’s favourite thing about TAM is…
‘It’s not complicated. I can pick up the phone to any member of any team and get instant assistance. There’s no waiting on hold for hours, no waiting for an email response for days. It’s always just simple and transparent communication, which means that I can assist the IFAs in my region quickly and efficiently.’
If David was a musical instrument, he would be…
‘A bass guitar – because I can be trusted to maintain the tempo whilst allowing others to have the limelight.’