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What is TAM Income?

TAM Income is our model portfolio solution for investors with income-oriented objectives, currently targeting yields of 5% per annum*. The models comprise a diverse range of higher-yielding asset classes focused on delivering natural income and capital growth opportunities, whilst also reducing risk and volatility. 


What are the benefits?

Income-focused: Income and growth sought by identifying opportunities across different asset classes and regions.

Risk-aware: A focus on helping to mitigate downside risk potential.

Actively managed: An award-winning 16-year active management strategy.

Dynamic: An unconstrained global investment approach to adapt to changing markets.

What portfolios are available?

The TAM Income models are available across the entire risk spectrum:

Income Defensive seeks to generate modest returns higher than cash in the bank over the short to medium term (3 - 5 years or more) with potential for consistent though constrained capital growth. Portfolios will typically comprise 10% equity and 90% non-equity.

Income Cautious seeks to generate modest capital growth higher than bond based returns over the short to medium term (3 - 5 years or more) by employing a cautious investment strategy. Portfolios will typically comprise 30% equity and 70% non-equity.

Income Balanced seeks to generate capital growth over the medium term (5 years or more), with the aim of riding out short-term fluctuations in value. Portfolios will typically comprise 50% equity and 50% non-equity.

Income Growth seeks to generate higher capital growth over the medium to long term (5 – 7 years or more) by employing a dynamic investment strategy. Portfolios will typically comprise 70% equity and 30% non-equity.

Income Adventurous seeks to generate strong capital growth over the long term (7 years or more) and can experience potentially frequent and high levels of volatility. Portfolios will typically comprise 90% equity and 10% non-equity.


Illustration only. Weightings may deviate within set parameters, allowing managers to react to market conditions.

Learn more at our upcoming webinar

You can learn more about TAM Income at our webinar on Wednesday 24th July 2024 at 10.00am BST. TAM CIO James Penny will dive under the hood of our brand-new service, reviewing the benefits of the income investment strategy and taking a detailed look at the portfolio performance and positioning. Just click below to reserve your free place and we look forward to seeing you there.


If you would to speak with us about TAM Income, or to discuss our discretionary investment management services in general, please get in touch with David today.