IFAs fight back!

If you’re an IFA, the rise of robo-advisers isn’t just a problem; it’s an existential threat. There’s a major gap in the post-RDR market for low-cost financial advice, and automated platforms have rushed to fill it.

To  add insult to injury robo’s are now hiring human advisers!

According to Money Marketing, robo-advisers, Moneyfarm, Nutmeg, and Scalable Capital, have either hired or are considering hiring human advisers to service their clients.

This new hybrid robo advice is likely to be fixed fee and a lot cheaper than traditional financial advice. Unless IFAs digitise their service offering they run the risk of being swept aside by the robo revolution. 
It’s time to reclaim your place in the industry and future-proof your business. With TAM Asset Management’s ‘Essential Guide to Surviving the Robo Revolution’, you’ll learn: 

Where robo is and what's coming next

How to compete with robos on advice and cost

How to protect the clients you have, that robos want

How to recover 30bps on revenue lost to RDR

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