Beat the deadline

Monday 5th April is creeping up on us so we just wanted to remind you that as a regulated ISA manager, TAM clients can open an ISA using any of our model portfolio solutions below.

Mainstream investments
13 year track record
0.3% AMC
7 Defaqto risk-rated portfolio choices

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments
7 year track record
0.4% AMC
5 Defaqto risk-rated portfolio choices

Sharia-compliant investments
6 year track record
0.5% AMC
5 risk-graded portfolio choices

Passive investments
4 year track record
0.15% AMC
5 risk-graded portfolio choices

Opening an ISA with TAM is a simple and straightforward process:

  1. Request a pre-investment proposal via email using our digital proposal request form.
  2. Review the tailored proposal with your client.
  3. When they are ready to proceed, complete our digital TAM DFM and TAM ISA application forms.
  4. Send us the completed application forms and funds for investment.

Given the ongoing restrictions, the TAM team are all still working from home so there are therefore two key changes to the way we are accepting new ISA applications and existing ISA top-ups for this tax year.

  1. We are only accepting scanned copies of new applications. Both our TAM DFM and ISA application forms are digital so can therefore be completed and signed online. Please email a soft copy of your client's signed application forms as password protected PDFs directly to our Admin Team at
  2. We are only accepting bank transfers. Please send all new ISA funds and existing ISA top-ups electronically via bank transfer using the bank details provided in the TAM DFM application form. Before sending any money to us, please call us directly on +44(0)207 549 7650 to verify our bank details. 

Due to when the Easter Bank Holidays fall this year, the deadline for receiving applications and funds is 5pm on Wednesday 31st March. This means that applications must be received into the Admin Team's inbox and funds must be cleared in the TAM bank account before 5pm on Wednesday 31st March.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone about the ISA portfolio options available to your clients, please get in touch with the business development manager in your region today.

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