A message from our CEO: Unusual times but it's business as usual

All of us in business will have been affected operationally by the extraordinary spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 with Europe and the UK now the epicentre of the virus.
We wanted to let all of our connections know that as a result of what is our existing business operational integrity, we have needed to take only limited steps to ensure the ongoing functionality and controls over our clients’ assets, their needs and requests, and ongoing efficient portfolio management.
As a DFM at the forefront of technology and working with one of the strongest custody agents (Pershing Securities) we are prepared to deal with these exceptional circumstances, albeit not expecting it to unfold as it did. As a DFM, and as is required of any FCA regulated businesses, we have spent considerable time on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning as it related to any potential disruption to our day-to-day business - we were prepared.
We fully recognise the challenges that COVID-19 poses and is likely to pose in the future, and want to inform you that our capability to mitigate any impact and maintain the smooth operations of the business is already in operation.
Administration and Operations

We have put into place a home working structure that protects our staff, whilst ensuring there is no negative implications for investors/advisers from an operational perspective. This is indeed already in place and you will not have noticed, we trust, any denigration in service. We are able to operate completely remotely from the office.  
Investment Management

The Investment Team at TAM has already been operating remotely with our research, dealing, risk and investment management functionality unimpaired by working out of the office. Investment processing and decision making carries on without detriment to controls over portfolios and supported by Pershing Securities with its robust infrastructure. We are able to operate with no dilution as to service in the present situation.
We have therefore already implemented a 100% work from home arrangement to good effect, complete with phone connectivity. On this note we kindly ask you to please be patient when phoning TAM, as there may be one or two more rings than is usual as a result of the call diversion. 
Keeping you up to date
We fully understand that openness and transparency is key for you to run your business and for your clients’ peace of mind, so if you have any questions regarding our approach, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We hope that you, your colleagues and family remain safe and healthy during this difficult period.
With kindest regards,
Lester Petch
CEO, TAM Asset Management