Don't let your clients lose their ISA allowance


An ISA allows your client to benefit from tax free investment gains. After the 5th April 2018, investors will lose any of their £20,000 allowance which remains unused. With that day fast approaching, have your clients made the most of their 2017/18 allowance? There is still time to take advantage and TAM, as a regulated ISA manager, offer a variety of ways in which new and existing clients can benefit from this tax efficient option.

Tailored Portfolios
Wide range of diversified holdings
10 year track record
7 risk profiles

Low Cost Portfolios
Just 0.25% AMC
5 year track record
5 risk profiles

Ethical Investment Portfolios
Funds screened for their ethical credentials
5 risk profiles
3 year track record

Sharia Investment Portfolios
Funds compliant with the principles of Islamic Law
5 risk profiles
3 year track record

We understand how important it is for investors to save for their futures and believe that one of these services could be the incentive needed to take that first step. Get in touch with us now if you would like more information and/or to discuss what we can offer you and your clients.

Please note that for new subscriptions to the 2017/18 ISA, original ISA application forms (we cannot accept scanned copies) must be received in the TAM office before 3pm on Tuesday 3rd April 2018. For new subscriptions and/or top-ups to the 2017/18 ISA, cheques must be received in the TAM office before 3pm on Tuesday 3rd April 2018, and for bank transfers, funds must be cleared in the TAM bank account before close of business on Thursday 5th April 2018.


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