Balanced Asset Management

The need for IFAs to provide smart, balanced investment management services to their clients is greater than ever before. At TAM, we are an asset management company that understands this need. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to help IFAs meet their clients’ investment goals using a range of diversified investment vehicles such as unit trusts, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. As market conditions continue to evolve, a balanced approach spreads risk and minimises exposure.

Our approach to investment

Driven by an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts, our active asset management process considers both IFAs and their clients. The comprehensive service we offer includes a balanced investment strategy that reflects the IFA and client’s agreed objectives.

TAM’s balanced portfolio management focuses on generating capital growth in the medium to longer term with and typically comprises of 50% equity and 50% non-equity. Investments are made to appreciate over time; short-term fluctuations are absorbed but any expected depreciations are responded to swiftly and effectively.

A balanced portfolio is carefully constructed to weather shifting markets and economic fluctuations – whilst staying aligned with the IFA and client’s stated objective.

Balanced asset management strategy

TAM’s balanced asset management strategy includes the following asset classes: Government bonds, corporate bonds, alternatives and cash. Property and exchange traded commodities may all feature within the alternatives classification.

Balanced portfolio performance

Within the balanced portfolio range, investors can choose from:

TAM Premier - this active Premier portfolio comprises of a wide range of diversified investment vehicles including unit trusts, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), whose managers aim to outperform their respective markets.

TAM Focus - this active Focus portfolio has a lower minimum investment and carries a lower cost than our Premier portfolios, investing in just the core holdings from our Premier Balanced portfolio.

TAM Passive - in contrast to our portfolios of active investment products, this TAM Passive portfolio comprises solely of passive investment vehicles (such as unit trusts and exchange traded funds) that simply track a market and aim to deliver returns reflective of how that market is performing.

TAM ESG - this active ESG portfolio comprises of socially responsible investment vehicles including unit trusts, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

TAM Sharia - this active Sharia portfolio comprises of Sharia-compliant investment vehicles including unit trusts, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

The proportion of top five holdings vary for each portfolio. The actual allocation will also depend on which product is chosen as well as the overall balanced portfolio strategy.

International reach

Our balanced asset management portfolios cover various geographies. The UK, US, Eurozone, emerging markets, and Asia are all represented to different degrees. However, UK investments always comprise at least half of allocated assets.

Balanced investment management options

TAM’s balanced investment management provides IFAs with a diversified range of options for their clients, designed to minimise risk and maximise value.


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