FinchTech : A White Label Robo Adviser With A Difference



If you're an FCA regulated financial adviser in the UK, you can generate additional revenue from your very own plug-and-play non-advised white-labelled digital investment solution, as an alternative to a white label robo adviser.

The 2016 Association of Professional Financial Advisers survey reported that 69% of financial advisers had to turn away potential clients over the previous 12-month period. This was a result of the FCA’s Retail Distribution Review which forced financial advisers to consider the position of clients that fall below a particular investment threshold.

White labelled robo advisers for financial advisers are seen as part of the solution. But could there be a better alternative?

We think so. TAM have developed ‘FinchTech’ – a fully digital non-advised investment solution to enable financial advisers to offer a white-labelled service to all clients, with minimal effort. It’s your very own white label robo adviser with a difference – it’s non-advised, and here's just a few of the reasons you should consider it:

  • No cost for adviser to white label
  • Non-advised solution de-risks
  • IFA can charge a suggested platform fee of 25 - 50 bps
  • General Investment Account and ISA available with SIPP coming soon
  • Plug-and-play effortless implementation
  • Fully digital scalable opportunity to provide an investment service for previously non-economic clients
  • Accessing investment portfolios which are managed by TAM's award-winning team rather than by machines

FinchTech aims to deliver on the promise of robo advice through a platform that is in fact both non-advised and managed by discretionary fund managers, not robots. Our aim is to embark on a strategic relationship with financial advisers, offering the complete white-labelling of our all-encompassing platform with ease and simplicity.

FinchTech Features : White Labelled, Low Cost, non-advised, D2C, Expertly Managed, Entirely digital solution




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