Ethical Investment Strategy

Everyone's definition of 'ethical' is different and as such, so is everyone's idea of ethical asset management. The same applies to fund managers that market their funds as ethical - not all will share the same views or adopt the same strategy for selecting stocks for their funds.

Ethical asset management has evolved over the years and today there are many different ethical investment strategies such as; positive and negative screening, ESG (environmental, social & governance) investment, engagement, values based investing and impact investing. All follow a different investment process for selecting stocks, but all have one common goal - to serve a broad range of socially responsible investors.

TAM's ethical asset management process

Our investment managers follow a rigorous investment process, conducting extensive research into the universe of ethical funds. This research includes one-on-one meetings with fund managers to gain an in-depth understanding of how the manager’s construct their ethical fund universe, and how this universe is filtered down to produce the final portfolio. In addition to manager meetings, the team conduct detailed desk-based analysis which looks further into the fund’s investment process, portfolio positioning and track record of performance, to ensure that the fund is delivering on its mandate and will indeed be a valuable addition to the TAM Ethical portfolios.

TAM's approach to ethical asset management allows investors to combine their ethical, social, environmental & sustainable investment considerations with a strategy designed to deliver long-term capital growth. We are confident that this approach will provide most socially responsible investors with the investment solutions they have been looking for.

Put simply, TAM's ethical fund selection is about avoiding the bad stuff and choosing only the good stuff, we believe in ethical investing for a more positive and sustainable future.



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