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A message from our CEO: Ever pulled a balloon underwater?

25 March 2020

With such high volatility the big question is, do we do nothing, or when do we sell and when do we buy? Timing in volatile markets is a very difficult game, and can be a speculative one after the biggest one day market gain in US history. You will be well aware that at TAM, we are not speculative investors. After the “mad dash for cash” in the second week of March, as our CIO James Penny described it, how do we decide what to invest in and when?

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A message from our CEO: Unusual times but it's business as usual

18 March 2020

All of us in business will have been affected operationally by the extraordinary spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 with Europe and the UK now the epicentre of the virus. We wanted to let all of our connections know that as a result of what is our existing business operational integrity, we have needed to take only limited steps to ensure the ongoing functionality and controls over our clients’ assets, their needs and requests, and ongoing efficient portfolio management.

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A message from our CEO: Perspective in a crisis

16 March 2020

Global stock markets have been reeling from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, with equity markets taking a pounding not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. The FTSE All-Share index, the widest measure of equity health in the UK, has now fallen some 25%, enough for a “Bear Market” to be called.

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Socially responsible outshines traditional

March 2020

It’s fair to say global markets have experienced one of the most volatile starts to a year, suffering some of the worst performance since the 2008 financial crisis, owing to the global spread of the coronavirus. While mainstream indices such as the FTSE 100 have seen one-day declines in the region of 7%, socially responsible investments have proven their resilience and capital preservation characteristics throughout this market turmoil. With this in mind, we would like to update you on the performance of TAM Ethical portfolios since the beginning of the year.

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