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Don’t let your clients lose their ISA allowance

12th February 2016

Hurry! There's not long left to make the most of your clients' 2015/2016 ISA allowance...

An individual savings account (ISA), allows savers to invest up to £15,240, tax free. Have your clients thought about this tax efficient way to save for their futures and if they already have an ISA, have they used their entire 2015/2016 allowance? 

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In for a penny, in for a pound

5th February 2016

2015 was all about the US dollar strengthening ahead of an anticipated interest rate hike which eventually came in December. All the major currencies weakened against the US dollar as a result and I had very few discussions about Sterling in particular, by which I mean from a Sterling perspective. This was because it didn’t really lose that much ground. 

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Thoughts from the CEO

12th January 2016

Flat is the new up, and why the ‘pursuit of mediocrity’ is getting you absolutely nowhere.

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Dawn of the Fed

20th December 2015

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it”Yogi Berra – Player / Manager, New York Yankees

So the big day has arrived (again) and we will later find out whether the US Federal Reserve is finally going to bite the bullet and raise interest rates 

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And the winner is...TAM International!

9th December 2015

TAM International win Best Private Wealth Management Company

In November, we were delighted to tell you that TAM Asset Management were named winners of the 2015 Wealth and Finance International 'Award for Innovation in Portfolio Management - UK'. Today, we are thrilled and humbled to inform you that our subsidiary, TAM International, has been named 'Best Private Wealth Management Company' at the 2015 International Finance Magazine Awards. 

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