Our passive investment solution

TAM Passive is our range of portfolios using solely passive investments. The passive portfolios seek to outperform the TAM benchmark on a risk/return metric through a diversified set of passive investments. Commonly known as a buy and hold investment strategy, passive investment strategy seeks to maximise returns over time, by keeping trading to a minimum thereby avoiding excessive dealing and other charges that might drag on performance. TAM Passive clients have a choice of five risk graded portfolios that span the risk spectrum from more defensive lower risk returns, through to more adventurous equity-based investment returns.

The TAM Passive Portfolios

Passive Defensive seeks to generate modest returns higher than cash in the bank over the medium term with potential for consistent though constrained capital growth. The portfolio has a more defensive approach to equity exposure compared to Passive Cautious - typically comprising of 15% equity and 85% non-equity.

Passive Cautious seeks to generate modest capital growth higher than bond-based returns over the short to medium term by employing a more cautious passive investment strategy than Passive Balanced. The portfolio will have a modest approach to equity exposure - typically comprising of 35% equity and 65% non-equity.

Passive Balanced seeks to generate capital growth over the medium to longer term, with the aim of riding out short-term fluctuations in value. The passive investment portfolio will have a more balanced approach to equity exposure compared to Passive Growth - typically comprising of 50% equity and 50% non-equity.

Passive Growth seeks to generate higher capital growth over the medium to long-term by employing a more dynamic investment strategy. The portfolio will have a higher exposure to equities compared to Passive Balanced - typically comprising of 70% equity and 30% non-equity.

Passive Adventurous seeks to generate strong capital growth over the longer term and can experience frequent and higher levels of volatility than Passive Growth. This passive investment portfolio will have a large exposure to equities - typically comprising of 85% equity and 15% non-equity.

The diagram is for illustrative purposes only. The value of investments, and the income from it, may go down as well as up and may fall below the amount initially invested. Weightings may deviate from these levels at the Investment Team's discretion whilst staying within specific guidelines, so the above asset allocation is intended as a guide only.

Key Advantages

Low cost
Access to professional discretionary management without incurring premium costs.

Pre-investment report
We produce a comprehensive report which clearly focuses on investment objectives, risk rating and asset allocation. This is provided to all advisers and their clients before investing.

A range of risk graded portfolios
5 portfolio choices from Defensive to Adventurous


You can invest directly into the five Passive portfolios, or use them as an underlying asset for an ISA, SIPP, Pension, Trust or a Life Assurance wrapped product.


TAM Platform
The Passive portfolios are run on TAM’s innovative platform which allows instant valuations, model portfolio performance information and asset exposure analysis.


We provide the highest levels of transparency for assets and costs in line with, and often exceeding, that required by the industry.


International investment and increased diversification
TAM Passive allows for broadly diversified investment solutions, including an international element in line with the risk profile selected.

Fast and simple application process
Once  professional advisers are registered with TAM they can download customised client reports and efficiently open accounts.

Multi-asset investing

With a best of breed approach, TAM creates and manages portfolios diversified not only by underlying investment asset and sector, but also by manager and corporate provider. This is essential to adding value to client portfolios. Depending on the risk graded portfolio selected, TAM uses OEICS, unit trusts, exchange traded funds and structured products to access a broad range of assets including equities, fixed income, property, commodities, alternative investment and hedge funds.